Stairlift self-installation – an unsafe practise

Buyer Beware! Attempting self-installation of a Stairlift purchased online may seem like an economically viable option, especially in this current climate, however as our Engineer discovered this week during a routine “Service Call”, raises some serious safety issues.
To the un-trained eye, the above rail may look just fine – but an Approved & Certified Stairlift Installer knows better!
Suspicions were immediately raised over the fitting of this appliance since a straight rail of this length ought to be supported by at least 4 Feet.
This stairlift rail was literally balancing on the step noses, held in place by only the upper & lower feet. It would not be safety compliant if inspected.
At Archer Stairlifts, all our Engineers are fully manufacturer-trained & certified to ensure you receive an approved installation every time.
We’re here to ensure you regain your independence safely, with a professionally-fitted, safety-compliant appliance. Even rented or re-conditioned.