ECONOMISING? ENERGY SAVING? Leave your Stairlift plugged in!

UK Plug in a socket marked Do Not Unplug
In this current climate, it’s understandable you may consider following Energy Saving advice to switch off or unplug appliances you normally leave in Standby Mode.
It can be a common misconception that your stairlift is just sat idling when not in use, and simply draining electricity unnecessarily. This is not the case!
By disconnecting power to the battery charger on your lift, you are running the risk batteries will reach unacceptable levels, and the appliance will shut down to safeguard itself against a mid-journey breakdown.
At Archer Stairlifts we are receiving ever-more Call Outs to lifts requiring new batteries, because the ones within the appliance have completely drained due to household economising.
Under these circumstances an engineer visit + set of replacement batteries would not be covered under Warranty. That’s a costly alternative to the minimal saving you could make on your Utility Bill by unplugging your lift!
So….please ensure you leave your Stairlift plugged in and switched on at all times 🙏…. It’s more economical in the long run! 👍