International Day of Older Persons 2022

Older Couple looking at a stairlift on a tablet
At Archer Stairlifts we understand the important part a mobility product plays in maintaining your independence and continuing to enjoy the comforts of your own home.
But credit must also be given to our clients of advanced age, for their resilience in adapting to changing technological advancements in the industry.
Gone are the days of calling a Retailer you found listed in the Telephone Directory, to book an in-home Appointment with a stranger, who would talk to you about a product you knew very little about.
Nowadays, the process is very different.
Most searches begin online, seeking a suitable company to approach, reading Reviews by other customers and “meeting” principal members of the team via images & bios. Then follows research into available makes & models, possibly viewing a video tutorial or presentation to be sure the appliance is the right one for you. Finally, an Engineer conducts a technical site survey using state-of-the-art photo-measuring systems.
It’s all a million miles from where the team at Archer started over two decades ago. We have adapted, but then again, so have you!
That’s why we take this opportunity to celebrate this year’s International Day of Older Persons 2022 for our client’s ongoing “Resilience in a Changing World”.