Stairlift Battery Bulging? If in doubt, swap them out!

Safety Bulletin with battery cells suffering from bulging
Another week, another Archer Stairlifts Safety Advisory Bulletin!
This time about Battery Care… 🔋🔋
Modern day stairlifts are powered by rechargeable batteries, which are housed within the workings of your appliance.
As with any power source, over time the quality & integrity of a battery cell can degrade.
This is the reason stairlift manufacturers and retailers alike recommend your appliance be serviced annually, that way battery levels can be tested, and if necessary, cells can be replaced.
We understand that for as long as your Stairlift is operating normally, you may feel this is an unnecessary financial outlay – especially in the current climate. Our Engineers, however, cannot stress enough how important a yearly check can be!
‼️ Battery Bulging is a major safety concern ‼️
Not only can leaking acid cause irreparable damage to fundamental parts of your appliance….. expansion of the battery’s outer casing can leave them at risk of explosion.
Don’t leave your stairlift safety to chance.
If you’re in doubt when your batteries were last changed, call us now – we’ll test them and if necessary, swap them out!