Custom-made vs Standard-stock rail systems

Have you been dazzled by promises of same-week curve stairlift installations? 🤔
Told that the days of needing a Full Technical Site Survey to custom-manufacture a rail system suiting your individual staircase are gone?
That a tailored stairlift solution can be built directly on to your staircase like Lego or Meccano?
It must be tempting to sign on the dotted line and get your perfect stairlift solution fitted within a matter of days rather than weeks…..
Before you commit, take some time to familiarise yourself with the concept of using pre-fabricated, mass-manufactured rail sections to fit a stairlift rail on a completely unique staircase.🤨
Sometimes you will get a less-than ideal fit, as demonstrated in the photo above, thus reducing the useable space in your hallway and on your staircase.
Meanwhile a custom-made solution (available from Archer Stairlifts), would have optimised the space available, ensuring as much of your living area is kept open & accessible as possible.