Check your stairlift rail – avoid costly call outs!

Engineer with fragment of wood removed from stairlift inner workings
💭🤔Stairlift Cluedo – a Mystery to solve this week🤔💭
Can anyone identify this fragment? Removed from the inner workings of a stairlift during an Emergency Call Out by our Engineer?
We think it’s the remnants of a pencil nib ✏️😲
Maintaining a clear stairway, regularly checking your rail system for “foreign” objects and gently wiping away any debris with a damp cloth is a quick but important procedure to undertake.
On this occasion, Archer Stairlifts were able to remove the offending item from within the stairlift and thankfully no internal parts had sustained additional damage. The situation could have been worse, however.
Please make regular checks of your appliance – you will prolong its lifespan and could save yourself money by avoiding Breakdowns!